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Lisha Bell captivates audiences on topics from tech trends to corporate activation.

Lisha represents marginalized voices and stories that are not mainstream.


As a strategic business leader, consumer champion, and experienced public speaker, Lisha is perfectly poised to help both individuals and companies with issues ranging from tech to diversity and inclusion, to corporate activation. 


Lisha brings her knowledge of angel investing, wealth building and entrepreneurial prowess to her speaking engagements, captivating audiences and giving them actionable takeaways.


Speaking Topic Suggestions


Lisha is knowledgeable, and has spoken on, the following topics:


  • Angel Investing

  • Diversity

  • Corporate Activation

  • Wealth Building

  • Entrepreneur Advisory

  • Maternal Advocacy

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Tanya Van Cort, Goalsetter

My journey could never have gotten to this juncture without you and Pipeline Angels Lisha Bell. I am so grateful for what your passion, purpose, and commitment has meant for so many female founders like me. Pipeline Angels bet on women when no one else would, and the women that you bet on are changing the world with products and services that are delivered through the lens of women, mothers, sisters, and daughters. Our lens is different, our voices are different, and the businesses we see deserve to have someone speak on their behalf. That has been you. That has been Pipeline. Thank you for making a difference in this ecosystem, and in the world.

Sheila Lewis, Pivotal Ventures

Lisha Bell, without you, many would never have known what they know now. Many would not have met the powerful people they know now. Many would have had a far more difficult time getting where they are.

You are the personification of a leader. Fearlessly going where others willingly and eagerly choose to follow. Big ups, Sis, for all you have done, are doing, and will do. But most importantly, big ups for the brilliant, passionate human you are!

Cassandra Cummings, Stocks & Stilletos

Lisha is highly intelligent, energetic and innovative. She has an impressive education and professional background, that lends itself to an ever-growing network that spans around the world. Lisha is an engaging and credible speaker where audience members can easily draw on her authenticity, as she exudes confidence as a trusted resource. She is dynamic in her presentation and those fortunate to be in the room with her will undoubtedly leave with an insightful and memorable interaction.

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