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🚀 Reflections from the Women's VC Summit: Unlocking Value as Limited Partners

Recently, I had the privilege of attending a panel at the Women's VC Summit, where insights flowed as freely as the coffee. The discussion centered on not just surviving but thriving in the venture capital ecosystem as a Limited Partner (LP). Here are some golden nuggets I took away:

  1. The Power of Underutilized LPACs: It's time we leverage LP Advisory Committees not just for governance but as a strategic asset in steering investments towards diversity and innovation.

  2. Angel Investing as a Credential: Your angel investing track record is not just a badge of honor; it's a testament to your knack for spotting and nurturing potential. Showcase it, and let it open doors to more significant, impactful opportunities.

  3. Staying True Amidst the Storm: In an era of rapid change, clinging to your investment thesis isn't stubbornness—it's a beacon that guides your investment philosophy, ensuring you stay the course when the waters get rough.

  4. The Six-Figure Sweet Spot: The roles within our firms aren't just jobs; they're career-defining positions that command salaries in the six figures. It's a reflection of the value and impact we bring to the table.

  5. Dialogue with GPs: Engaging General Partners (GPs) in conversations about what matters most to them isn't just polite; it's a strategic move that ensures alignment of interests and a deeper understanding of investment philosophies.

  6. The Co-Investment Conundrum: Co-investment opportunities are not just perks; they're a window into direct investment experiences, offering a closer look at operational intricacies and strategic decisions.

  7. Navigating Underperformance: The decision to part ways with a manager isn't easy, but it's necessary. Underperformance is a call to action, urging us to re-evaluate, reassess, and realign.

  8. Reunderwriting in Times of Change: Team changes aren't just red flags; they're opportunities to reunderwrite, reassess, and reaffirm our commitment, especially beneficial for emerging managers with the agility to stay close to their compact portfolios.

These insights are more than just takeaways; they're a roadmap for us as LPs to navigate the evolving landscape of venture capital, ensuring we remain not just participants but pioneers in shaping the future of innovation.

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