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A Daughter to be proud of

Today Zora, you turn 8 years old! You are making your transition from 2nd grade to third grade and it's been quite a year. I am very clear on who you are and you are too. It's like you have been here before and came back to execute on world peace. You are that girl, the girl who knows no stranger, expresses love for all and takes no nonsense at the same time.

This year you became literate and learned what a powerful skill that is! At first, reading was a real challenge for you, frustration was very high as you tried to organize the sounds of letters in your brain. You worked really hard at comprehension and math, and became the most improved student in class. You went from underachieving to overachieving in the school year. You now pick up your favorite book dogman and read yourself to sleep. side note: you mostly slept in your own Bed!

You started your own spiritual journey and took first communion. You made It very clear that this was your choice and you were ready, even though you told Auntie you got baptized so you can eat the bread :) P.S. Once you got the bread you said it wasn't that good.

In the hieght of women's basketball hype with caitlyn and angel you joined the third grade team. I wasn't sure if you was the player, the coach, or the referree! You played the game shouting "Ball, Ball!", you reinforced the rules of the game when no one asked you to, and was the hypewoman. The coach described you as "a ball of sunshine".

As I opened my merch store, I put you to work, your business skills neeeds improvement. You wanted to give away all the goods for free to people because you liked them and they were nice. But you're still my top influencer so I keep you on payroll.

Daughter, you are my joy and light. It is an honor to be a part of you and we are honored to have you.

Happy Birthday!



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