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With more than two decades spent in the FinTech space, Lisha has become intrigued about money and consumer behaviors surrounding it. 


How does money move? How do we pay friends and family? What determines how we make transactions? Why do some people have access to a variety of payment channels while others don't? The answers to these questions influence how Lisha improves customer transactions, day-to-day.


Lisha currently works for PayPal company Braintree, where she is the lead for the Pay with Venmo Product. 


Lisha specializes in digital money movement and has helped to launch, build, and scale America's top wallets from Apple Pay to Venmo.


Fluent in "tech speak", Lisha focuses on translating complex business concepts for both small and large audiences. Over the years, Lisha has been firmly recognized for promoting bold ideas, brokering meaningful relationships, and successfully leading global cross-functional teams. 


Bringing her knowledge of product strategy, business solutions, and people management, Lisha drives business leaders to find solutions to intricate problems.


A big believer in seeing more diversity and inclusion in the investment and tech space, Lisha gives a voice to those who might otherwise struggle to find their path within the corporate world. 


Lisha understands firsthand how difficult it can be to break into the world of tech as a Black woman, having worked her way up to Lead Product Manager at PayPal’s Braintree company.


A 2019 National Center For Women & Information Technology study showed Black women comprises only 3% of the computing and mathematical workforce, a statistic Lisha understands first-hand. 


It seems the tech industry is mostly a man’s world, and a white man’s world at that. Lisha is determined to see this demographic makeup of the tech industry change within her lifetime.

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