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Angel Investments

Who Lisha invests in and why

Lisha Bell has a passion for creating positive change and is dedicated to helping Women of Color raise meaningful capital to build their wealth. 


Lisha helps these entrepreneurs manage their capital, and assists in bringing more female investors into angel investing as a means to increasing their prosperity.


Whether she is advising minority groups on their investment portfolios or campaigning for equality, Lisha works tirelessly to make a difference.


Black women have raised only 0.0006% of all venture funding since 2009 - and Lisha is determined to change these statistics.


To do so, Lisha believes in funding businesses backed by women of color, specifically Black, Latinx, Indigenous and undervalued entrepreneurs based in the USA.


Investments that grab Lisha’s eye are ones that work towards making the Earth a better place, founded by leaders who are motivated in solving real-world problems. She’s focused on businesses that are passionate about standing up to social injustices, fighting for women’s rights, and raising the bar on financial inclusion.


Lisha places explicit value on undervalued founders, raising the bar for capital while decreasing the wealth gap.


This mission has led Lisha to her position as Dealflow Lead at investment group Pipeline Angels where she has advised more than 300 women and non-binary femme social entrepreneurs for the $4M Pipeline Angels portfolio.


Lisha also founded venture fund BLXVC with peers Christina Kelmon and Ann Murray-Dunning, with the goal of investing early into companies launched by under-represented leaders.


Lisha provides angel and advisor consulting as part of her work within the BLXVC fund. To find out more about becoming an investor, and to see Lisha’s current investments, visit BLXVC. To learn more about Angel Investing, visit Pipeline Angels.

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