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Bridging Cultures, Shaping Futures: Dr. Nakeema Steflbauer Insights on Tech, Bias, and Empowerment


Dr. Nakeema Stefflbauer, a tech guru and advocate, shares her journey and insights in the tech industry and angel investing. She discusses the challenges faced by women in the tech industry, both in the US and Europe, and the importance of empowering women through education and support. Dr. Stefflbauer also highlights the differences in accredited investor requirements between the US and Europe, and the unique investment culture in Europe. She emphasizes the need for understanding AI and addressing bias in technology. Dr. Stefflbauer encourages angel investing as a way to be an activist and make a positive impact. She shares her experience as a Black woman in Europe and the appreciation she has received in various countries. Finally, she offers words of wisdom to her younger self, emphasizing the importance of curiosity and embracing different cultures.


  • Women in the tech industry face similar challenges in both the US and Europe, including imposter syndrome and lack of support.

  • In Europe, the accredited investor requirements are less stringent than in the US, allowing more people to invest in startups.

  • Investing in startups requires a high level of risk tolerance and understanding of the market.

  • AI technologies can have unintended biases and exclusionary effects, highlighting the need for ethical development and mitigation strategies.

  • Being an angel investor can be a way to be an activist and support underrepresented founders and innovative solutions.

  • Living as a Black woman in Europe can provide a different experience and a sense of being valued for one's nationality rather than solely being defined by race.



Introduction and Background


Ancestral Story and Nonprofit Work


Challenges for Women in the Tech Industry


Transition to Angel Investing


Differences in Accredited Investor Requirements


Investment Culture in Europe


Investment Thesis and Impact Investing

14:56 Understanding AI and Bias


Being an Activist through Angel Investing


Experience as a Black Woman in Europe


Influence of Black American Culture Globally


Words of Wisdom for Younger Self


Closing Remarks

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